Typical New Year post. New year, new you. Right? I think New Year’s resolutions are silly, only like 3% of the people who set them actually follow through. We don’t have patience to wait for changes to happen, people can’t even wait 6 weeks to see a difference from exercising (I’m one of those people, don’t feel bad). But, that doesn’t mean we can’t go into the New Year with goals. I changed my logo for Literally Ashleigh yesterday. Goal achieved. Just kidding, but I did get a new car last week.

We should always be thinking of ways to better ourselves, to change. Not just in January when we are thinking about all the things in 2017 that we wish we did differently, but hey – here we are so let’s do it. What do you want to change? What should you change?

Do you wake up every morning to go to a job you hate? Why waste another year there if that’s the case. I know, money is essential and you may not find another job. Wrong. There’s jobs everywhere, and there’s one that won’t suck the life out of you. I’m not saying it’s an easy transition. Props to my best friend for taking a leap and starting a new job because she knew she wasn’t happy. I went back to school in order to make this change. Yes, I’m still young, but if you’re not retired yet then you still have time. Life is way too short to be stuck in a place you hate for 8 hours a day.

I really don’t want to even touch the topic of weight loss and healthy eating because I can write pages on this. I’m also a huge hypocrite. But seriously, if you dread looking in the mirror or buying new clothes because you know the size is bigger than you wish, change it. Just change what you eat on a weekly basis and hit the treadmill (I would say take a walk but its 10 freaking degrees outside). You don’t have to dive right in to 5 days a week at the gym and no sugar or sodium. Make it work with your lifestyle, don’t let it make you miserable.

One thing I’m focusing on this year is my health. This is where I’m making my change. Health challenges have come my way; and I’ve always been the person to avoid the doctor and medicine. I can no longer do that. I now have doctors I never thought I’d ever have to see. Do you make your health a priority? There’s a good chance that people my age can’t remember the last time they even got a physical. I think my avoidance was related to fear. Well, if I go to that doctor they might find something wrong. And if they do, they’ll fix it. In 2016, I put off pain in my stomach for a year, and it landed me in the ER because I didn’t get it checked out. 2017 brought other challenges, but it helped me learn my lesson. Change. Go to the primary doctor, dentist, dermatologist, gastro, eye doctor, chiropractor, or whatever it is you’re sitting here thinking – I need to do that

Dating. Whether you’re single and want to change it, or taken and want to change it. Do it. Stop looking for a mate in the wrong places (cough, Tinder). Stop being afraid to commit to someone because you got hurt before. Or stop dating that person that treats you like a bag of dog shit. Maybe they don’t even treat you bad, but they’re just not the one for you. End it. You know where the change needs to be made. Let’s keep this one simple folks.

Lastly, being a better person. We can all always improve on this. Except my dad – he’s pretty much as good as it gets. I’m not saying go solve world hunger or donate to every charity you see. I’m not saying go be freaking a freaking philanthropist. I’m saying be aware of it. I’ve been focusing on this one for myself lately. By doing little things I guess. Being nicer overall to people. Strangers. I know what it feels like when a random person goes out of their way to be nice or help me. I’m trying more to be that person. — Try to understand why someone is doing something, rather than react right away. This one’s hard but my profession is teaching me a lot about it. — Texting friends and loved ones randomly to see how they’re doing. Lord knows I am terrible at this, but guys I’m trying. I think this really is making me a much less selfish person. Not that I am one, but it makes me think about others more I guess.

These are just examples, and some I’m personally trying to make a change with. Goals. Change. What do you want to do to change? Do you wanna buy a home or start a family?Only you can answer that. But maybe I helped with the inspiration.


PS: added some new artwork to my gallery! This one was done with charcoal – I am not a fan and probably won’t use it again.





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