As I sit here in the airport – drinking my beer – preparing to travel for grad school, I’m watching all of the people around me. This trip made me nervous, God forbid I have to go through an airport and get on a flight all by myself. But these people all around me, they do this all the time. Some people are clearly traveling for work. I’ve seen some traveling athletic teams. Some people traveling to see family members. Or people who simply wanna just come visit New York for the holidays.

This event that I’ve stressed about all week – flying – this is a part of people’s daily lives. I’m seeing so many different kinds of people, from all over the world. It’s so cool and so strange at the same time. Coming from a small town, sometimes I forget how big the world around me is.

People are disconnected from it though. Walking fast. On their phones. Listening to music. On their laptops. And yeah – I’m on my laptop too – but I’m listening to everything around me. Because this is a world I’m not used to. I’ve flown maybe three times my whole life. I’m trying to fit in by being on the laptop. I wonder if it’s working. As if I’m not freaking out on the inside for how nervous all of this makes me. I ordered my beer off of an iPad attached to my table. I feel so trendy.

I’m experiencing another state all week. Another major city in our country. Atlanta, GA. Hotlanta. I’ve been here before, but it’s not less exciting to experience a different place for a little while. And I’m staying with people from other states, sharing our stories from our hometowns. My small town folks don’t travel much. But while I sit here doing it, I feel the need to do it so much more. I want to see everywhere. I’ve never even been out of my country.

Long pause……

So – I had stop writing and actually take my flight. Sat next to a very cute, old, religious couple. She felt bad for me because I’m “tall” and my knees were hitting the seat in front of me. Plane seats are ridiculous, honestly. What if I was 6’3? Or 300 pounds? There has to be another way. And how awesome is that picture I took my the plane window? It’s just so beautiful. But I’m here, I’m in Atlanta. Everyone is SO MUCH nicer than Jersey/New York already and I’ve been here for an hour. I love meeting new people.

I’m going to go experience my hotel. Get Starbucks, and wait for my friends. I’m safe ya’ll, and the texts I got making sure I had a safe flight made me feel very loved. Summary of the story – go experience the world because it’s so much bigger than we are. We aren’t meant to stay in one place.


2 Replies to “Travel.”

  1. Travel…my love/hate relationship. I’ve been very fortunate to do a lot of it the past 2 years. And I agree with you- I love experiencing different places & cultures. But I hate the actual travel to get there! One word…Xanax!


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