Not a controversial or interesting post. Mostly because nothing has me feeling some sort of way that makes me wanna write. All that consumes the news is sexual harassment scandals and Donald Trump. I could have written about our new governor but uh, who wants that..

Anyway, I have finished this quarter of grad school! Hallelujah. I finally have two weeks of freedom before diving right back in. I am going to enjoy the heck out of these two weeks. My best friends are coming to visit me this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. There will also be a lot of Jack Daniels consumed in these two weeks. Oh, and Thanksgiving. Perfect timing to enjoy a holiday with my family.

I have also found freedom from the stress that was consuming me the past couple of weeks. It was awful and extremely unlike me. I don’t even have an explanation of why. Just one of those slumps I guess. But – school is over, work has gotten slightly better. One reason being that I was originally working holidays (which really bothered me) and it has been worked out that I can have off. But I’m back ya’ll. The stress is gone.

Can I just say one thing that extremely helped me through this difficult stressful time….


I’m unhealthily obsessed. If you have not seen it, what are you waiting for..? My boyfriend and I binged watched two seasons in four days. He doesn’t even like binge watching, but he wanted to do it.. maybe even more than me. I want to rewatch it, I miss it already. It brought me happiness and laughter (and also a lot of anxiety during scary parts). Those characters are just so great. Dustin, hello?! He is INCREDIBLE. Eleven might be my favorite character all time of any show I’ve watched. And I can’t stop quoting it. “Keeping the curiosity door locked”. And “halfway happy” is now a staple in my vocabulary. Matt constantly compares me to Eleven. He says we have similar sassyness. I love Eggos. I am also mastering her art of intensely staring. If only I had superpowers at the age of 12 (or ever?) and could rock a buzz cut….


PS – one of my best friends is pregnant! I’m super excited for her and her husband, and for me to have a baby to spoil. Just a ray of sunshine brought to my life while I was a ball of stress.

I will be showing you some recent drawings soon (once my customers give me the OK to post them). I’m super happy with them and can’t wait to do more. Love that people are reaching out to buy them!

46 days until Christmas.

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