I haven’t posted in two weeks, which is abnormal for me because I was pulling a strong 2x week for a while. However, my life got super busy and stressful in the last couple weeks. It’s currently finals week for me, so I should be working on one of the 10-15 page papers I have, and not doing this. But I can only take so much school in one day.

Grad school is killing me. Three months ago at the beginning of this quarter I wrote about how crappy it would be, and low & behold – it sucks. I might even get my first B and ruin my 4.0 GPA. Plus getting ready to go back to Atlanta, GA in December for our last conference. I hate flying. So this is a big deal. Anyway. Work is also SUPER stressful. That’s probably the #1 thing causing my hair to turn gray right now. I can’t even explain it on a public platform, but just believe me when I say it’s brutal. Holidays are coming up, I don’t even think I can get off Christmas and New Years at this point so….yay….

Side note stressor: Could the NY Giants be any worse? While the Eagles are simultaneously the best in the NFL….ugh

Positive note though. I have a lot of artwork lined up for my two week break from school. Currently working on something for a friend right now, which is something very different from my style so I’m excited to share that. And people are reaching out to put in requests and I love it. I’ve made prints of old drawings and put them on social media and people were interested, which is cool. I’ll put the prints below so you can see how real they look! (Because I can’t give away the originals, duh).

OH and Happy Halloween! I genuinely love Halloween. I had multiple costumes this year. The featured image above being my favorite one with a group of my friends. Yes, we were The Purge, I know – so overplayed. But our masks lit up okay? We were cooler than everyone else. Today I’m just a basic cat at work.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive, I am still drawing, but there’s just some speed bumps in the road.


Some recent prints of old work that people bought/requested!


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