Me Too.

What a crappy subject to talk about. What a terrible man to talk about. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what’s going on and you think Harvey Weinstein is just as disgusting as everyone else. Accused of rape, sexual harassment & misconduct, to a really large number (30) of women – & thinking he could get away with it because of who he is. Disclaimer: I’m going to talk about things some people may not want to read. Sorry if this post makes you uncomfortable, but you know I love to talk about controversial stuff.

Now, there is this #metoo movement. Women (and men) hashtagging Me Too all over social media to show the world how large of a problem sexual violence really is. Some posts just say me too, some explain their story. This hits me right in the feels. I’ve seen my friends doing it. I’ve seen celebrities do it. It might be hard to find multiple women who haven’t experienced this sexual harassment/abuse/assault in some way, because 1 out of every 6 women has been a victim. I do want to say that just raising awareness doesn’t & won’t help the issue. I saw someone say “let’s replace clicktivism with activism”, & I completely agree. Now I continue with rambling….

It’s 2017, where d*ck pics are sent through text messages, Instagram DMs, and Snapchat. I have not been on the receiving end of this (thank God), but I know so so so many who have. And these pictures are ALWAYS unwanted. (Yes, girls let their entire group chat know). Why do men think it’s ok to do that? As if the girl is just going to think – wow, I need to drop everything I’m doing and get over there. If you think this doesn’t fall into this category, you’re part of the problem.

I’m a constant bar goer, which is a huge scene for this stuff. I’ve had my ass grabbed by random men, more than once. No one bats an eye. I’ve been inappropriately talked to, but yet I’m the b*tch for telling him to go screw. Pretty much every girl at a bar/club has had a male get handsy with her when she’s simply trying to just dance with friends. I’ve been hollered at on the street. And the obvious date rape drug that is still being put into people’s drinks. Movies show this happening, media SOMETIMES talks about it on college campuses, but the conversation still ends with – she was probably flirting, she shouldn’t have been that drunk, she put herself in that position, she was asking for it with that outfit. Ugh, I will filter what I would say to these people – because my grandmother might read this – and just say I hate you. Because I did not wink and say – hey kind sir, please slip that drug into my drink.

When it comes to this in the workplace, it’s hard to imagine because it hasn’t happened to me. I’m thankful I’ve never been put in this position. Harvey Weinstein is an extreme example, but the amount of women that have experienced this is mind-blowing. We all get trained on sexual harassment in the workplace. We all have watched the dreadful training videos. Yet, there are Harvey Weinsteins everywhere. And there are people covering up the Harvey Weinsteins.

Being in my field, I interact with victims of rape every single day, and most are ages 14-21. Yes, rape. The word so many people shy away from. It hurts me to know there will always be a need for people in my field – because it will never stop happening. This hashtag doesn’t help victims, but maybe it can help give a voice. Because here’s a notsofun fact – out of every 1000 rapes, 994 perps will walk free. 2 out of 3 rapes go unreported. It makes me cringe. And let’s not forget that sexual assault comes in many different forms: attempted, forced, unwanted. But hey, who will believe you when the perp is such a big, well-liked, individual? #MeToo.

(Sidenote: The fact I’m talking about rape and d*ick pics in the same post does not mean I think they are on the same level, but I needed to show that there are so many forms of it)

So, for the women and men who have already posted, and the ones who are afraid. For those who have had Peeping Toms and stalkers. For those who have been through the worst. For the low level of rape convictions. For women being blamed. For women who have their own Harvey Weinstein. For those who can’t speak up because no one will believe you…


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