It’s about that time.

Remember when I said the whole point of me creating this blog was to sell my art? Well, it’s about that time. I originally had absolutely no idea how to create multiple prints of my original stuff (because who wants to sell the original and never see it again?), or how to sell, or how to do anything.  After much research, I have answered most of my questions, thanks to other WordPress bloggers.

I have not bought any supplies yet, but they’re in my Amazon cart. So, that’s a start, right? And I found a website that will print for me (because my own printer would be minimum of $800). Now it’s just figuring out what to print! Every time I put a piece of work on social media, at least 5 people ask if they can buy it. And I have to tell them no because it’s already for someone else. Now, all 5 people can buy the same picture! (Yes, my fan base is approximately 5 people)

I know, this is extremely not exciting to you. But it’s really exciting for me. Because, now I can make people happy and have my artwork hanging on walls other than my own. So, to all of you loyal followers who read my posts whether it’s via email, Instagram, or WordPress, go to my art page and find something that you want for yourself or someone else. The time has come!

Don’t ask me about pricing yet. That scares me.


Sorry 4 the wait.


Yep, a Lil Wayne reference.


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