20 things I’ve learned in my 20s.

My 20s aren’t over yet, and I’m not rushing them. I’d stay in my 20’s forever if I could, because getting older terrifies me. Wrinkles, gray hair, children, no more dancing on tables…I’m just not ready. Some of my friends are already at the married and owning a home stage, I’m getting there. But who isn’t afraid of the next step in life? Especially when there’s so much pressure to accomplish these life events by a certain age. Even though I’m only 6 years in, here’s 20 things I’ve already learned in my 20s.

  1. Your body changes dramatically after the age 23. When my mother said, “that food will catch up to you”, she was right. I never listened.
  2. Keep a small circle. Having a lot of friends in college was great, but now it’s all about who is there for you when you need them & who calls/texts just to see how you’re doing.
  3. Make time for your family, no matter what. I’ve touched on this in other posts, but it’s something I strongly believe in. Things and people will change, but family is forever.
  4. It’s not too late to make changes. Whether it’s going back to school, quitting that dreadful job, getting out of that unhappy relationship, it’s not too late. Change is always possible.
  5. Be passionate about something. Literally, anything. It doesn’t have to be a world-changing cause like curing hunger, but even if it’s just being passionate about a hobby.
  6. Have a hobby. I have several. I love doing art (obviously), singing, playing basketball, drinking with friends (yes, I consider this a hobby), and going to the gym.
  7. Don’t worry about if people like you. There is always someone who won’t. You will always be too much for someone, or too less. I’m usually too much, and that’s ok.
  8. Serums are your best friend. Otherwise you’ll actually look 60 at age 60.
  9. Boys will turn into men, but they rarely stop being boys. As long as there’s a balance, we still love you.
  10. I will never stop needing my parents. Never.
  11. Never be the smartest person in a room. This may be cliché, but it’s something I really mean. I love being around people I can learn from.
  12. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. I ignore everything, because who wants to deal with it? This is a lesson in progress.
  13. Hangovers only get worse. This hasn’t taught me to drink less, but I am now aware of the dooms day ahead of me.
  14. There will always be men who think women are the weaker gender. Prove them wrong.
  15. There are things that you should keep private. Such as your love life and your income.
  16. “Never panic, just recover.” Master how to remain calm. Don’t stress over spilt milk.
  17. When it comes to chocolate, say yes.
  18. No matter who is at the table, you bring something to it. I hate when I see young people stay quiet because they are afraid to say the wrong thing. Speak up, even if the CEO is at the table.
  19. You can never say ‘I love you’ too many times. Just make sure you mean it.
  20. Have fun without alcohol, and talk without cell phones.



I can only imagine what I’ll learn in another 20 years..


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