I am a Millennial.

I’m a millennial. & I don’t say it proudly. Here’s why being a millennial sucks.

Apparently no one can agree on the exact years that define a “millennial”, or Generation Y. I did my research, AKA I browsed about 3-4 websites, and found that US Census Bureau says one thing, and everyone else says another. Seriously, every site says something different. The Bureau say its 1982-2000. Another website said 1977-1995. Wikipedia says early 1980s to early 2000s. Either way, I’m a millennial. No matter how ya spin it.

Reason #1 why it sucks – you assume I am like the younger “millennials”. I work with adolescents, so I see kids and their technology-obsessed, narcissistic, disrespectful attitudes everyday. Are there exceptions? Of course there are, my 17-year-old cousin is an absolute gem. But let’s be real, this generation (ugh, my generation) doesn’t handle responsibility well and all that matters is how many likes their getting on their selfies. I’ve been to actual trainings on this, and this stuff is research based. They call us ‘entitled’. Whatever, but it is FACTS that millennials are crappy. I hate that older generations assume that because of my age, they can stereotype me into these characteristics. I am an older millennial. And I really just want a solid decade between Millennials and Gen X (my parents) where my age group falls in.

I was talking with my boyfriend last night about how much it sucks to be categorized as millennials. In my mind, anyone at the age of 22 or younger fits. Because I can say I didn’t have a cellphone until high school, and even that was a flip phone Nextel (which I would totally take back and get some two-way chats going). I remember sneaking the house phone in my room for late nights calls with the high school boyfriend. And god forbid someone was using AOL, can’t be on the phone and internet at the same time. In high school we weren’t allowed to take out our phones in class, otherwise Dad was coming at the end of the day to pick it up from the main office. I remember life before Instagram and Snapchat and Facebook. Actually, my Top 8 on Myspace was really all that mattered.

I think we, those of us who hate to be called millennials, got the best of both worlds. We remember the life before technology, but we can keep up with it’s growth because we’re still young. Yes, Karen, I’ll show you how to put a link on your Facebook status. (Love you, Mom). The only thing about my age group is now we are adults who don’t actually know how to do adult things. I mean come on, we call it adulting. We actually hashtag #adulting. Everyone thinks we’re an adult at work and are a great employee, yet we’re still trying to break personal records of how many tequila shots we can take on Saturday. BALANCE people. Young millennials don’t understand balance, older generations don’t respect it. Friday night, do the best keg stand you’ve ever done. Monday morning, be the best damn employee your boss has. Older generations do not understand that our work life might not be our priority like it was to them. Instead, our hobbies and our experiences are our priorities. Yeah that may be different for you but you raised us this way. Every now and then, we may have to call Mom and Dad for help with adulting but hey, we do it and do it well.

HOWEVER, let me say one thing. As “lazy” as millennials are described, us older millennials are in fact the most educated generation. Hardest working and least paid generation. We can’t afford this awfully overpriced economy, so one job doesn’t cut it. Fun fact, minimum wage should be about $20/hr to actually afford cost of living in NJ. Yes that sounds crazy, but my generation can’t afford groceries. We have the most debt out of any generation (thank you student loans) and it won’t be paid off for a very long time. Yet, here we are, adulting, trying to buy homes and start families with these fun statistics working against us. This is reason #2 why being a millennial sucks.

So, I’m a millennial. It sucks. But this stereotype does not define me. I could list ten other reasons but I’m writing a blog not a book. To older generations – I get why you don’t like us. And yes, I’m categorized into the 20 year olds who physically cannot put their phone down, but I also have a high education for a career that can’t make me financially stable in this expensive economy. I am not technology-obsessed and I am far from entitled. To you younger millennials – I can out drink you on a Saturday night, but I’ll also be a better employee. Learn balance and stop giving me a bad name.




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