Grad school takeover.

What’s a Bachelor’s degree anymore? Especially in the field of psychology. The new millennium, time of needing experience for an entry level position; time of Sally Mae sucking my whole paycheck; a paycheck I cannot improve without a Master’s degree. It took me two years to go back to school, and I cannot wait until I’m finished. Don’t get me wrong, I’m learning a crap load of valuable information for my field, but I. am. over. it. I’m one year in. Expected graduation: Feb 2019. UGH.

I am a full time student, along with working full time in the field of study. These last two weeks off from my graduate program has let me do some new artwork, create this blog, spend time with the hubby, and just have some nice Ashleigh time. However, dooms day is three days away, and another quarter of classes begins. I was looking over the upcoming courses last night, and my brain may have actually exploded. I’m used to papers or quizzes every weekend, plus discussions throughout the week. What grad student isn’t? However, this quarter I will have a paper, a quiz, and a journal entry, PLUS two discussion posts per class EVERY. WEEK. Guys…..I’m not handling this very well. I am fully prepared to no longer be able to enjoy my social drinking Saturday’s as much, knowing the workload ahead of me. When will I be able to make art? When will I be able to binge Netflix? When will I be able to just go on a date with my boyfriend? When will I be able to visit my family and friends in South Jersey? When will I be able to you know, be 26?!

Please. Someone. Tell me to shutup and do it. I am not a stressed or anxious person. Half of my friends forget I’m in grad school until I post something on Snapchat about writing a paper on a Saturday night. I literally do not talk about it. To all of you who do or have gone through grad school, you get me. 95% of my friends do not go to grad school, so they do not get me. (The ones who do, you know who you are, cheers to you). They don’t understand how your whole week has to be planned around your homework. Or maybe this weekend you can’t attend the day drinking because you have a paper to write. I rely on my parents and my family to remind me that I CAN do this, and it will all work out in the end.

See, my school is 100% online. Time management at it’s finest. I’m happy I don’t have to physically go to a class. However, I have to go Georgia twice, for one week, for residency, which is where I meet professors and classmates and have a semi-class all week. I will say that my first one was an incredible experience, where I met classmates who are now some of my favorite people and we talk everyday. Having that connection with someone who completely understand what you’re dealing with is priceless. So, to my four classmates that keep me sane, I love you.

So, to all my fellow grad school students, no matter what field of study, you CAN do it. You will kick ass. To all my recently graduated students, you’re my inspiration and congratulations. My artwork will be slim in the upcoming months due to this lovely priority, but when I set a goal, I go for it. Which….is how I ended up here….. bitching about grad school…..



Featured art: My first piece I ever hung in my own apartment, and reminded me how much I love shading. Done with just a #2 pencil.

One Reply to “Grad school takeover.”

  1. I just finished a Masters in Applied Psychology, while working full-time, interning 30 hours a week, being a TA 15 hours/week and going to school full time. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. There’s light at the end of the tunnel! Just make sure you find time for yourself. Cliche, I know. But I never truly valued self-care like I do now until halfway through my grad school career when my health was deteriorating because I was always so focused that I wasn’t giving my self time to recover, physically or mentally. YOU GOT THIS GIRL!!

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