Featured art, by me: Bear sketch for my best friend’s husband. Done with just stippling and a #2 pencil. Yes, it took forever.

This post isn’t about art. It’s about $700 million dollars. Well, actually $443.3 million once it’s all said and done. Listening to the radio broadcasters this morning talk about what they would do with the Powerball money, made me think of what I would actually do with it. $443 million.. I don’t think I can even comprehend that much. There is a chance I would go a long time without touching it because I’d be so hesitant to change my life that drastically. Or I’d spend it in a week. Who knows. One broadcaster said he would give his best friend 1 million, and then he got scrutinized for ONLY giving 1 million. So I was like wait, would I give more than that? But I have so many friends…

Let’s get real. Mom and Pops get taken care of first. Pay off their house, and probably buy a new one. Mom would probably prefer somewhere south, so there’s that. If I were married, I would take care of the in laws, but I’m not. (Just kidding, I’ll still buy them what they want). Honestly, I’d just give my parents whatever the hell they asked for. My sister (and sister in law) would get some too. I’d have to somehow hide it from my sister so she doesn’t know how to use it, because that girl would spend a million dollars on McDonalds and Applebee’s in two weeks. And how do I not give every family member some? Aunts, uncles, cousins. See this is why I need to talk it out…

Before I share with my friends, I’d take care of myself. It goes without saying I’d buy a home. Where? TBD. Not some crazy 5 million dollar house, but maybe like 1-2 million. With an awesome art room and backyard. I’d pay off my car (and my boyfriends) and buy a new one. Probably a street bike too. I don’t care if my father and boyfriend completely hate the idea, I need one. Pay off both of our credit cards. I would put money away for my unborn children to go to college. Buy a dog. Maybe a Savannah cat. The big question was, would you still work? Yes, absolutely. I cannot imagine not working, and those who can, I mean, good for you. My coworkers might even get a share of the money if I like them enough. (My current coworkers, yes I’ll share). Oh, SCHOOL LOANS. Say goodbye. Am I missing anything?

I would give money to children’s hospitals. And cancer research. I’ll explain why that is important to me at another time. I also would consider giving money to homeless shelters in the local area. What charity means something to you? If you can’t think of something, think of something. Everyone should have something they are passionate about. That’s a whole rant for another day.

My friends are probably reading this thinking “ok, what about me?”. $443 million is a shit load of money, and after all that I’ve mentioned, I would probably still have a lot left over. If I say I’d give my best friends 1 million each, they better take it gratefully and not ask why they aren’t getting more. I wouldn’t give any friend more than the other either, no favoritism.

The rest is going into savings. Save save save is the big lecture I always give my students. And my friends (at 26, some still don’t get how important it is). My rant about what to do with $443 million is over. Now, when I win, I can look back and remember what to do with it all. And no, I won’t write a blog telling you all that I’ve won.



I Relay (For Life) for RyRy. RIP. Childhood Cancer is real, and I WILL be writing about it and my experience in the future.


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