First entry.

Blogging? Let’s try it. This blog is about me, literally. I wanted a place, besides my Instagram, to show off some of my artwork. I also wanted a place where I can write about whatever the heck I want to write about. If you’re reading this, you probably know me and my non exciting life. If you don’t, I was born and raised in South Jersey, but have lived with my boyfriend in North Jersey for two years now. I won’t get into the difference of those locations and lifestyles, that can be another day. I work and attend grad school full time, while also making sure I enjoy every minute of my 20s.

On to my art. I’ve been interested in painting/drawing since I can remember, however I stopped actually doing it in high school. I went years without even thinking about it being a talent of mine. I focused on singing as my main hobby. After I graduated from Rowan University with my undergrad, I started sketching stuff here and there. People started to say, “wait, you can draw?”. When I moved up to north Jersey, I was telling my boyfriend how much I used to paint, and how I wish I still did it. Low and behold, he bought me a whole paint set for Christmas, including an easel. Yes, this was exciting to me. He had never seen me paint, along with most of the people in my current life (because I left 95% of my high school friends in the past).

I painted one picture every three months or so. I was busy. I would share them on the Gram and love the feedback I was getting. Unfortunately, I’m scared to do original work. I think I suck at it, and I’m not creative enough at all to come up with my own ideas. I’m pretty much stealing other people’s work and recreating it. Sorry if you’re one of those people. I’ve recently hopped back on the sketching train and done some pretty cool stuff. I just hung my own art in my apartment for the first time. I’m getting better with my artistic talent, and I’m excited to see where I can take it. Someday maybe I’ll stop being a baby and sell my own stuff.

This drawing is one of the first drawings I did several years ago. I thought it was awesome at the time. Now, not so much. But… whoever originally did this, it rocks.


One more, because these were weeks apart. And who doesn’t love Jessica Rabbit?


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